World Cup silver – Lisa Hauser in the valley of tears of joy

World Cup silver - Lisa Hauser in the valley of tears of joy

Lisa Hauser is valued in the biathlon circus for her infectious smile, but at the World Cup in Pokljuka, she feels like crying a lot. And there are positive reasons for that. After running to a historic silver medal with the SV mixed relay last Thursday, the Tyrolean made history again yesterday in the women’s pursuit.  The  27-year-old ran sensationally to the silver medal behind the now nine-time world champion Tiril Eckhoff. “I went into the last lap and didn’t really know which place I was fighting for. Everyone cheered me on at full throttle, and only then did I see on the screen that I was third,” said Hauser with tears in his eyes .

Andrea Grossegger won the only domestic women’s medal so far in the Chamonix sprint in 1984. After finishing ninth in the sprint on Saturday, Hauser made it one place better yesterday.

WM silver & ndash;  Lisa Hauser in the valley of tears of joy

Second silver at this World Cup

Image: Reuters

Mainly because in the last and all-important standing shooting she showed ice-cold nerves in contrast to some of her competitors. While Eckhoff ran safely towards victory, Hauser also stayed clear. She quickly grabbed Franzsin Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, who was second in the sprint, and then didn’t let anything burn. Even before the World Cup, Hauser proved her excellent form with five World Cup podium places.

Yesterday’s performance by Dunja Zdouc also showed that the local women under coach Markus Fischer are working very well in contrast to the rather weak men’s department. © The  winner improved from 38th to eleventh in the World Cup pursuit without any misalignments.

© The  next World Cup chance tomorrow

© The  next chance for a medal is waiting for tomorrow when the women’s 15 kilometer individual is on. Three weeks ago in Antholz, Hauser celebrated her first World Cup victory in this discipline.

As in 2020, Frenchman Emilien Jacquelin secured the pursuit title for men. Only Austria’s biathlon veteran Simon Eder was once again reliable. He improved from 16th to ninth with one penalty loop. (fei)

World Cup in Pokljuka: Women, Persecution (10 km): 1. Eckhoff (Nor) 30: 38.1 Min. (2 misspellings), 2. Hauser () + 17.3 sec. (1), 3. Chevalier-Bouchet (Fra) +33.0 (2), 4. Wierer (It) 45.2 (0), 5. Preu (D) + 49.3 (2); weiters: 11. Zdouc + 1: 34.7 Min. (0); 37. Innerhofer (both) + 3: 35.9 (5); Sprint (7.5 km): 1. Eckhoff 21: 18.7 Min. (0), 2. Chevalier-Bouchet +12.0 (1), 3. Sola (Blr) 14.4 (0); 9. Hauser +50.5 (2); 38. Zdouc +1: 59.1 Min. (2); 39. Innerhofer +2: 05.7 (3); Men, Pursuit (12.5 km): 1. Jacquelin (Fra) 31: 22.1 min. (0), 2. Samuelsson (Swe) +7.3 Sec. (0), 3. J. B (Nor) +8.1 (2); 9. Eder +2: 03.8 Min. (1); 24. Komatz +3: 09.7 (1); 45. Leitner (all) +4: 52.0 (5).



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World Cup silver Lisa Hauser valley tears joy


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