World Cup slalom men – Foss-Solevaag new slalom world champion – Yule is 5th – Sport

World Cup slalom men - Foss-Solevaag new slalom world champion - Yule is 5th - Sport


Sebastian Foss-Solevaag wins the gold medal in the World Championship slalom in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Daniel Yule convinces as 5th

 The  podium

  • 1. Sebastian Foss-Solevaag (NOR) 1: 46.48 Minutes
  • 2. Adrian Pertl (AUT) +0.21 seconds
  • 3. Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR) +0.46

Firstly, it turns out differently, and secondly, than you think. It was the same at the last race of the Alpine World Ski Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the men’s slalom. With Sebastian Foss-Solevaag, Adrian Pertl and Henrik Kristoffersen there were 3 athletes on the podium who were expected to be successful, but who were not among the absolute top favorites.

Foss-Solevaag, who was third after the first run, was the first Norwegian to secure gold in the slalom championship in 24 years. While Pertl lost one place in the afternoon, Kristoffersen made up 3 places.

Season best from Yule


 The  best Swiss was Daniel Yule in 5th place. ©

 The  28-year-old improved by 4 places in the second run thanks to an aggressive drive and was able to look forward to the best result in this difficult winter for him.


 The  race ended bitterly for Marco Schwarz. ©

 The  Austrian started the race as the big favorite. After intermediate rank 8 at half time, the leader of the Slalom World Cup attacked fully in the afternoon, but got stuck in the middle section.

Disappointment for Zen houses

Ramon Zenhäusern completed the first round of his only World Cup appearance with the handbrake on. ©

 The  Valais never really got going and had to be satisfied with the 21st place at halftime, 1.65 seconds behind. In the final, he improved to 11th place.

To make things even more difficult for Zenhäusern, as 21st, he couldn’t start the second run early, as is usually the case in the World Cup. Since high temperatures were expected in the afternoon in advance, the FIS decided to carry out the second round in a different order.

With Luke Winters the 15th of the 1st run could open in the afternoon. Only after the top 15 had completed their run were the remaining riders allowed to prove themselves on the slopes again.


 The  other Swiss

For the other two drivers of the Swiss Ski Team, the slalom was over in the morning. Loïc Meillard, who had completed an impressive program at this World Cup, was eliminated with an excellent interim time. After a cautious start, Luca Aerni also failed to cross the finish line.

Irritation after FIS decision


 The  decision of the FIS to run the second run in a different order was criticized by Ivica Kostelic, among others, Link opens in a new window. First, the various slopes in Cortina had mostly shown themselves in good condition in the past few days, despite similar temperatures in the afternoon. For example, Katharina Liensberger was the last of the second run to set the fastest time on Saturday.

Second, a result like the one on Sunday morning, where numerous athletes with lower ratings were able to set strong times, would hardly have been possible on a slope that is rapidly deteriorating. ©

 The  drivers outside of the top 15 had to accept that the race was over for them after the morning.

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World Cup slalom men FossSolevaag slalom world champion Yule #5th Sport


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