World Update 3 (Great Britain) has taken off


 The  “World Update 3: United Kingdom” for Microsoft Flight Simulator (from 58,99€ at buy) was published today – after several delays. ©

 The  third and free world update is about Great Britain and Ireland. It includes five new photogrammetry cities (London, Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham and Bristol), nearly 80 landmarks, five hand-built airports (Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton and Out Skerries), visual and logical improvements to 85 more airports, improved digital elevation data across the UK and a trio of new activities. ©

 The  developers also claim to have fixed certain “peaks in terrain”, “pixelated clouds” and problems with the grid models. You can find the change log of v1.13.15.0 here.


 The  next “World Update” is planned for the end of March 2021. This time France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will be the focus. Expect more detailed recreation of cities and more sights, challenges and hand-built airports.

Last updated video: United Kingdom Ireland World Update

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World Update Great Britain


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