WoW Classic: TBC release confirmed – Burning Crusade is coming in 2021


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 The  cycle of nostalgia from WoW Classic continues. Blizzard has announced ©

 The  Burning Crusade as a new old add-on for 2021 at BlizzCon.

Hamburg, Germany – Accidentally leaked by the developer himself a few days ago and already officially announced: WoW Classic will be expanded. Last weekend from February 19th to 20th, 2021 Blizzard its annual convention, the BlizzCon held. ©

 The re were new announcements to many of the live streams held exclusively online Blizzard‘s large franchises, as well as the gigantic one MMORPG World of Warcraft and its old school counterpart WoW Classic. ©

 The  extension ©

 The  Burning Crusade appear again soon.

Release (date of first publication) 26. August 2019
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Serie Warcraft
platform PC
developer Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Classic: New old features with Burning Crusade


 The  announcement of ©

 The  Burning Crusade came with a as part of the Blizzcon 2021 opening ceremony Trailer directly after a showcase for World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Again you will end up in Outland to fight the invasion of the Burning Legion. In terms of content, there are no surprises, the same features will be returned that were present in the original expansion. So it means that the Draenei and Blood elves return as playable races, the jeweler profession is added and so are the PvP-Arena returns.

Of the Release from Burning Crusade For WoW Classic should take place gradually in several phases. Much of the content of the expansion will be available in the first phase, consisting of season 1 of the arena, eight dungeons and the raids Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Chamber. ©

 The  remaining content and three other seasons of the arena will then be added gradually in four additional phases. Anyone who now fears that they will have to buy the content again can breathe a sigh of relief. Only an active subscription to WoW will be needed to TBC Classic to be able to play. A subscription model should also come for Sims 5, which the Fans are not pleased.

Also for Fanswho do not yet have a character at level 60 can be given the all-clear. Optional is still ahead Launch from Burning Crusade Provided a boost that a character can use in WoW Classic can be raised directly to level 58. But be careful: this boost can only be used once per account and does not apply to the draenei and blood elves. In addition, the boost should be chargeable, even if Blizzard has not yet given an exact price.

WoW Classic: era realms will come, beta and release as early as 2021

Of the Release from TBC Classic but does not have to mean that now everyone Fan must go along again. Who is very puristic only with the classic WoW Classic wants to stay can his character for free on one Don’t Realm can be transferred that on the booth of Shadow of the necropolis remains. With another copy service you can get your TBC characters also clone and on such a Don’t Realm transfer if you want to use the same character in both versions. However, this service will also be chargeable.

WoW Classic: TBC release confirmed – Burning Crusade is coming in 2021

© Blizzard Entertainment

A specific one Release-Termin there is not yet for Burning Crusade. Blizzard has only stated that the expansion will still take place in 2021 WoW Classic will come. A Beta but should also start soon. Most recently, the community of WoW still suffer a sad loss when a legendary cosplayer died after a corona infection.

Rubriklistenbild: © Blizzard Entertainment

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WoW Classic TBC release confirmed Burning Crusade coming


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