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As part of the first online BlizzCon, BlizzConline 2021, the developers did not miss the opportunity to answer questions from the community. Instead of live questioning by the audience, Scott Johnson (host of the show © The  Instance) was the mouthpiece of the players and asked Ion Hazzikostas and other WoW developers important questions about the upcoming Shadowlands content, as well as ©

 The  Burning Crusade Classic. We have put together the most interesting information for you in an overview!

WoW Patch 9.1: Cinematic trailer for Chains of Dominion – King’s Grief

Q&A on WoW – the findings

  • Anduin, Sylvanas and the jailer, as a team of three, represent an absolute core element of the Shadowlands story. It began with the captured Anduin and then increased with him as the jailer’s doll.
  • New cutscene showed why the jailer needed Anduin: only a hero like him could enter Bastion and the Archon get so close to ambush it.
  • Uther took hold of his Frostmourne wound in the video because he felt the similar power in Anduin while walking past. That he looked like Arthas with his long blond hair was added.
  • Sylvanas helped the jailer subdue Anduin, but her expression suggested that something else was going on inside her. © The  confrontation with her in the raid should be one of the most epic moments of WoW.
  • ©

     The  Archon is NOT dead. In the sequence you can see her hand moving – she was only badly wounded by Anduin’s assassination. ©

     The  patch 9.1 story will start right after the cutscene and ask the question: Who’s next? Who else has such a pact seal?

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WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 - Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (2)

WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 – Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (2)

What: Blizzard

  • No new race-class combinations are planned. ©

     The  developers have made WoW much more open than before, but they also want there to be no exact symmetry. Especially since there are also obvious cases like demon hunters and sorcerers, which cannot be possible for every people.

  • ©

     The  developers know that faction imbalance is a problem in the high-end realm of raiders and Mythic + players. Gameplay-wise it is no longer the case that Horde offers more incentives than Alliance. But that was definitely the case for too long. Now it is a purely social problem that needs a social solution. ©

     The  developers don’t know exactly how, it just takes time. According to Ion Hazzikostas, while it’s a top priority, they’re not currently working on it.

  • Further server consolidations are always an issue. However, this is a complex, manual process, because those responsible have to take auction houses, populations, factional equilibria, etc. into account. For the Shadowlands launch, the topic was paused for the time being, as expansion starts have a strong impact on server populations anyway.
  • Regarding the amount of anima it takes to unlock the features of the Pacts, the developers emphasize that the entire system should provide incentives until the end of Shadowlands. But this also means that players should be able to achieve certain goals on the way there. If this progress does not happen, the developers will fine-tune it again and possibly make more anima accessible or something similar.
  • Denathrius is way too fun! Much like Bwonsamdi, the leader of the Venthyr shouldn’t play that big a role. ©

     The  great voice actor made sure that Denathrius doesn’t die in the raid. For now he’s in the sword and in Naaru captivity, but he has allies who definitely want to get him out of there at some point.

  • New traditional armor is definitely coming, but players have to be patient.
  • ©

     The  auction house will not be part of the mobile app again. Players should interact in-game. But the developers themselves know scenarios in which the convenience of an auction house on the mobile phone can be used. You keep an eye on it.

  • ©

     The re are no further changes planned for customization options in Shadowlands. ©

     The re will be no upright undead for the time being.

  • What do you need to fly in Patch 9.1 of WoW: Shadowlands? Just the extension itself! If you have Shadowlands and play through the new story campaign, you can fly in the Shadowlands.
  • Flying will not be possible between each zone of Shadowlands. That would take too long too. (Editor’s note: ©

     The n we’ll stay with our goblin ladders, they can do it very well!)

WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 - Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (4)

WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 – Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (4)

What: Blizzard

  • How does time pass in the Shadowlands? ©

     The re is no straightforward conversion from X days in Shadowlands to Y days in the world of the living. “Time loses all meaning”, is the simple saying.

  • Bolvar will play an important role in Patch 9.1 when it comes to bringing the Pacts together to advance the battle against the dungeon master.
  • Refugees in Stormwind have talked about returning to the ruins of Teldrassil to get their belongings. But that definitely does not mean that the tree will regain strength. ©

     The  destruction was important and should not be repaired just like that. ©

     The  story of the homeless and slain night elves is not over yet, Tyrande’s story in the Shadowlands will add a lot in this regard.

  • How to get there the new Mount Wandering Ancients? ©

     The  Ent-like mount will be made available to all WoW players as part of patch 9.0.5 in March.

WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 - Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (1)

WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 – Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (1)

What: Blizzard

Q&A zu WoW: ©

 The  Burning Crusade Classic – wichtige Infos

  • If you want, you can create a clone of a character for a fee and thus have one version on an eternal Classic server, while the other is available in ©

     The  Burning Crusade.

  • ©

     The  developers are prepared for overcrowded servers and contested quest areas and resource sources. But it should be a little competitive – although they will intervene in Black Lots scenarios, they don’t want extreme material beating.

WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 - Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (3)

WoW: Recap des Q&A-Panels der BlizzCon 2021 – Fliegen, Story, TBC & Co (3)

What: Blizzard

  • Your character’s clone will not have a reservation for TBC forever. But if you want to create a clone with the same name on launch day, you can do that too. ©

     The  developers also want to show realm names so that you can see online which version of a character it is.

  • ©

     The  developers have no plans to do excessive class balancing that didn’t exist when ©

     The  Burning Crusade was originally launched. But they will, for example, make Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Blood available to both Alliance and Horde, otherwise that could lead to a major faction imbalance.

  • Congregation Stone Summoning will be available right at the launch of ©

     The  Burning Crusade Classic.

  • New, completely fresh Classic servers that allow the entire population to start over are definitely something the developers are interested in. But first of all they are devoted to ©

     The  Burning Crusade Classic and a successful launch.

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