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Patch 9.1 will be the first major content update for WoW: Shadowlands – and what one. We are finally allowed to meet avenge Sylvanas (hopefully), we learn what happened to Anduin and we are allowed to take our flight mounts into the air. Various other content such as the Mega-Dungeon Tazavesh and the new Korthia area invite you to explore and promise plenty of other adventures.

What the WoW developers have not yet revealed at BlizzConline is the release date for Patch 9.1. Nevertheless, there are some clues as to when the update could appear, which is why we just start speculating a bit for you.

Will Patch 9.1 be the latest first content patch for a WoW expansion?

If we look into the past, the WoW developers released a first content update, i.e. a patch X.1 for an extension, an average of three months after the release of patch X.0 – the only exception: In Wrath of the Lich King it took a while five months. Shadowlands is now almost three months old and so far not even patch 9.0.5 has arrived on the live servers.

However, the developers did not publish a second raid earlier with Patch X.1, or, as in the case of Battle for Azeroth, at least not brought it directly to the live server to release the update.  The  WoW team calculates that each season and raid will run for about five to six months. Accordingly, there would theoretically be some time before Patch 9.1 and thus the second Shadowlands raid with the Sanctum of Dominion would have to appear.

So if we assume that the developers publish the second raid around six months after the first raid, it would be in May 2020 – based on the start date of Nathria Castle (December 9, 2020). Because a patch with a new raid usually appears two to three weeks before the opening of the first raid difficulty levels, so that the players can familiarize themselves with any changes to the gameplay, patch 9.1 should land on the live servers as early as April.

Before Patch 9.1 appears, it still has to go through the test phase on the PTR. This in turn only happens when Patch 9.0.5 has been released, in other words mid-March 2021 at the earliest. ©

 The  WoW developers could then only test Patch 9.1 for around a month and a half if they actually target April for 9.1. That would be pretty little, especially considering that the testing phase of such a large update typically takes two months.

Based on this, Patch 9.1 could appear in mid-May at the earliest and the raid could open its gates in early June. ©

 The  author of these lines even believes that the WoW developers will take a little more time – also due to the fact that the corona pandemic is still having an impact. ©

 The refore, she assumes that the update will appear in June and the raid will follow two to three weeks later. Patch 9.1 would be the X.1 patch, which is the latest to appear of all WoW expansions.

Those: Vanion

What do you all mean? When do you think Patch 9.1 will appear on the WoW live servers? Write us in the comments!

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