Xbox Series X / S: Fps Boost could reduce resolution


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 The  Xbox Director of Program Management, Colt Eastwood, has stated that in some Xbox games, the resolution on the Xbox Series X / S is reduced when the Fps Boost is activated.


 The  team that takes care of the backward compatibility on the Xbox console recently presented the Fps Boost. ©

 The  frame rate can be increased to 120 fps for some Xbox console games. ©

 The  first games to receive this support are Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, UFC 4, Sniper Elite 4, and New Super Lucky’s Tale. Now the director of program management, Colt Eastwood, has announced that the resolution of some games will be reduced if you activate the Fps Boost. ©

 The  Xbox players get a switch, however, with which they can decide for themselves whether the game should rather run with more fps or higher resolution.

Microsoft optimizes old Xbox games for Xbox Series X.

According to Microsoft, the game code is not adjusted with the Fps Boost. ©

 The  Xbox Compatibility Team only publishes previously tested Xbox games that can handle the display of 120 fps, because there are also video games that cannot cope with the opening of the frame rate and the physics does strange things. In the coming months Microsoft wants to expand the list of games that offer an Fps Boost mode. In addition, Microsoft gets the publisher’s approval before working on a support for the Fps Boost. ©

 The  advantage for the game developer is that Microsoft will take over the work and develop the boost mode for old Xbox games.

It’s not the only improvement Microsoft is offering its Xbox Series X / S owners, however. Microsoft automatically activates HDR for all games for Xbox One as soon as it is started on an Xbox Series S or X. ©

 The  colors should have more nuances and shadows should be displayed even darker. ©

 The  game developers don’t have to do this, Auto-HDR does it all by itself. A first hands-on shows that the algorithm that provides this extended color space does a good job in many games. However, the pattern recognition also reaches its limits, so that some games are displayed too overdriven.

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Xbox Fps Boost Collection for Xbox Series X:

  • As Microsoft has reported, some old Xbox games may require you to reduce the resolution to allow for the higher fps.
  • Microsoft is now offering an Fps boost for selected older Xbox games that owners of an Xbox Series X / S can activate in order to be able to play with up to 120 Fps.
  • Here, the Fps adjustment is done by Microsoft and not by the game developer, who has to give his consent.

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Antialiasing modes at a glance: Fight against pixel crawling

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 The  article comes from PC Games Hardware 03/2018.
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Xbox Series Fps Boost reduce resolution


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