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Yule (5th) missed an exploit – Norwegians cleared the World Cup slalom

Yule (5th) missed an exploit - Norwegians cleared the World Cup slalom

Only Swiss in top 10: So Daniel Yule improves in the 2nd slalom run(01:16)

 The  medals

Gold: Sebastian Foss-Solevaag (No) 1: 46.48

Silver: Adrian Pertl (Ö) +0.21

Bronze: Henrik Kristoffersen (No) +0.46


 The  race

Bad defeat for the Swiss slalom cracks! Instead of celebrating a World Championship medal for the first time since Silvan Zurbriggen (silver 2003), in the end only one is classified in the top 10. Daniel Yule, of all people, who hasn’t really gotten going this season, is halfway saving the Swiss honor. He finished fifth – and equalized his best result this winter. After all the discussions about his nomination, a good result for him.

After the 1st run the spectators rub their eyes. Not top favorite Marco Schwarz (Austria) is in the lead, neither is any of the other drivers who have already won a slalom this winter. Instead, it is Adrian Pertl (Austria) who greets from 1st place at halftime. In the end, however, he has to give way to someone else. ©

 The  Norwegian Sebastian Foss-Solevaag improved from 3rd place to 1st and is the new slalom king, Pertl wins silver. Bronze also goes to Norway. Henrik Kristoffersen, who had a lot of struggles this season and experienced some disappointments, improved from 6th to 3rd place with a strong 2nd run.

And Marco Schwarz? ©

 The  World Cup doesn’t end well for him. He is eliminated in the 2nd run, which his trainer put. ©

 The  gold medal he won in the station wagon and the giant bronze will comfort him.


 The  Swiss

5. Daniel Yule +1,22
11. Ramon Zenhäusern +2.50
Out in the 1st run: Loïc Meillard
Out in the 1st run: Luca Aerni

Ramon Zenhäusern can’t take advantage of the early start number 3 in the 1st run, with a messed-up run he is only 21. In the 2nd run he is only allowed to run late, but can move up a few ranks and just barely misses the top 10.

Loïc Meillard starts aggressively, his first two intermediate times light up green. And then it happens! Lie back, crossed skis and the dream of a medal.

It’s not going much better Luca Aerni. It shows a solid ride that ends abruptly with a threader.


 The  voices over SRF

Daniel Yule on the missed medal: “When Henrik Kristoffersen crossed the finish line, I knew that some competitors would have to be eliminated for a medal. In general, however, I am very satisfied with my performance; fifth place is a step in the right direction. At a World Cup it is the medals that count, I was in the fight for them. For a while this winter I wasn’t in the game for the top ranks, now I’ve gained confidence. This season, with the discussions about qualifying for the World Cup race, it wasn’t always easy for me. “

Ramon Zenhäusern about his late start: «I felt more comfortable on the skis in the second run. At first I had the feeling that the ski preparation wasn’t all that good. But that shouldn’t be an excuse. It is important to take that with you and optimize it so that something like this doesn’t happen again. I think that contributed to the fact that I didn’t find the confidence to go down playfully. Quite different then in the second run. I am happy and proud that I got the best out of it. Even though I almost missed my start! I thought it said on paper that the TV break lasted eight minutes and when I was sprinting in, the Kondi trainer suddenly came to tell me it was my turn in two numbers. Apparently they only took a five minute break. It was an experience to drive at the end of the race. “

Luca Aerni draws his World Cup conclusion: “It’s tough today, but I had a good time in January. I skied well there, and that’s what I am today. So you have to keep the positive and tick off the bad as quickly as possible. It went well, then I was too early once and this slope doesn’t forgive that. In terms of the results, the World Cup did not go as I had hoped. But I skied well, I have to take that with me for the next races and keep it relaxed. “

Loïc Meillard draws his World Cup conclusion: “I showed it again, the first part was really quick. It’s a shame. But that has nothing to do with the fact that I no longer have any energy. It was a small mistake, I cross my skis and then there is nothing more I can do. It’s just like that. That was my best World Cup so far. Two weeks ago I said I want a medal and always fight for the podium and that’s what I did. I’ve been there every time and that’s what I can take with me. And the two medals. “

That gave me something to talk about

Due to the spring-like temperatures, which ensure that the slopes get bad early, the international ski federation FIS made changes to the regulations in advance of the race. ©

 The  2nd run starts with the top 15 of the 1st run and only those start in reverse order. Numerous big names are falling because they cannot attack with an early start number in the second run, so at halftime from the medal race. Including Ramon Zenhäusern (21st), Linus Strasser (De, 23rd) and Manuel Feller (Austria, 24th) three drivers who were able to win a slalom this season.

That was something to talk about II

Crazy 1st run in Cortina! In addition to the surprising halftime leader Adrian Pertl, the many failures are also worth talking about. Out of a total of 100 athletes at the start, only 55 make it to the finish. Numerous drivers, including well-known names such as Loïc Meillard, Dave Ryding (Gb) or Stefano Gross (It) but also less known ones such as Laurie Taylor (Gb) or Krystof Kryzl (Tsch), are on the road with good split times. And then drop out.

So it goes on


 The  2021 World Cup is history, now the World Cup continues. ©

 The  ski men are traveling to Bulgaria, in Bansko two giant slaloms are on the program next weekend.

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Yule #5th missed exploit Norwegians cleared World Cup slalom


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