1390: “Next Generation” of the Hoftrac from Weidemann


Weidemann has been on the market for years with the 13 series. The models have always been revised and most recently resulted in the Type 1380 with a wide variety of configurations. The successful model has now been fundamentally revised due to the engine changeover. The new 1390 offers many new features and options for individual equipment.

The innovations of the 1390 at a glance

The 1390 is available in three Yanmar engines: 25 HP, 45.3 HP and 54.5 HP. The two larger engines are equipped with exhaust gas aftertreatment with DPF and DOC (automatic regeneration). The 25 HP engine fulfills emission stage V even without exhaust gas aftertreatment and, according to Weidemann, is “an inexpensive and simple entry-level variant”.

The electronically controlled drive ecDrive (Electronic Controlled Drive) newly developed by Weidemann is intended to enable increased performance even in low horsepower classes. Four driving modes have been implemented especially for the ecDrive. An electric parking brake (multi-disc brake) with auto-hold and hill-hold functions ensures safety and comfort.

The 1390 will be optionally available with an overhead guard, fold-down overhead guard and cab. There are LED headlights as standard. The interior has been completely redesigned and features, among other things, a color-oriented operating concept and a new multifunctional joystick. Also new is a display in the driver’s field of vision and the wedias diagnosis and analysis system. According to Weidemann, the clarity as well as the heating and ventilation system have been improved again. The cabin machine has Coming Home lighting as standard,

The following loading systems can be selected: P-kinematics, P-kinematics with long loading arm as well as PZ-kinematics with increased lifting and tearing forces. The following axles are available: T94 medium pressure axles without differential lock and two P 940 axles with increased thrust to 22.7 or 26.4 kN including differential lock.

The optional pressure relief of the 3rd control circuit on the front loading arm and the standard use of flat-face hydraulic couplings are intended to facilitate the coupling of attachments.

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Generation Hoftrac Weidemann


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