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According to the media, at least 16 people were injured in a car bomb explosion in western Colombia.

Most of them were, according to Colombian reports on Friday, employees of the Corinto community in the Cauca department. At least two seriously injured people were taken to the city of Cali.

President Iv├ín Duque said in a video message: “We will not stop tracking terrorism wherever we find it.” The attack was initially attributed to dissidents of the former guerrilla organization Farc. The attack happened on the day of the death of Farc founder Manuel Marulanda alias “Tirofijo”.

Colombia has suffered armed conflict between the armed forces, left-wing guerrilla groups and right-wing paramilitaries for over 50 years. The largest rebel organization, Farc, which financed itself with drug trafficking, among other things, signed a peace treaty with the state in 2016.

The security situation in the South American country has improved since then, but the peace is fragile, with Cauca being one of the areas most affected by attacks.
Farc members are still fighting the government and for a share in the drug trade. The smaller ELN is also still active. In addition, other criminal syndicates are advancing into former FARC areas.

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