19 – WHO asks for vaccination doses for poor countries


The World Health Organization has called on wealthy countries to donate vaccines to poorer countries as soon as possible.

Ten million doses will be required within the next few days, said WHO chief Tedros in Geneva. Then 20 countries could start vaccinating that would otherwise have no doses available by early April. There are – so Tedros literally – “lots of countries that could afford to donate vaccines without much influence on their own vaccination campaigns”. The international Covax project, which is primarily intended to supply poorer countries with vaccines, had previously complained of a major shortage of supplies.

A big problem are tightened export controls in India, which led to considerable delays. This is where around half of the 237 million cans Covax wanted to deliver to over 100 countries by May should come. The government in New Delhi had justified the restrictions with increased personal requirements against the background of increasing numbers of infections.

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This message was broadcast on March 27th, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.

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