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For the third time “Let’s Dance” got 30 points. But this time they didn’t go to Valentina Pahde or Rúrik Gíslason, but to Nicolas Puschmann. Even Joachim Llambi only found words of praise for the Prince Charming.

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The Prince Charming already impressed the judges with his slow fox last week. In episode three of “Let’s Dance” Nicolas Puschmann got 28 points from Joachim Llambi, Motsi Mabuse and Jorge Gonzàlez. Seven days later, the dome show star put another on top.

Together with professional dancer Vadim Garbuzov, the 29-year-old performed a contemporary to “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors. For this he got full marks and lots of praise from the jurors. Jorge Gonzàlez felt “tied up”, Motsi Mabuse celebrated “Diversity” because Nicolas and Vadim are the first male couple in “Let’s Dance”.

Even the otherwise so cool Joachim Llambi only found words of praise for the dance. “It’s actually very simple with this contemporary: great choreography, great implementation from both of them, great feelings from both of you. I think you were absolutely in sync,” said the 56-year-old. “Anything other than 30 points tonight is a cheek.” All jurors took out their trowels.

It was not the first 30 points that the jury awarded this year. In episode two, GZSZ star Valentina Pahde was rewarded with the top grade for her quickstep, A week later, Rúrik Gíslason was also able to enjoy the full number of points. Both made it in the fourth episode “only” on 27 and 26 points.

The points at a glance

  • Nicolas Puschmann: 30 points
  • Valentina Pahde: 37 points
  • Rúrik Gíslason: 26 points
  • Ilse DeLange: 26 points
  • Lola Weippert: 23 points
  • Simon Zachenhuber: 23 points
  • Auma Obama: 19 points
  • Erol Sander: 14 points
  • Mickie Krause: 11 points
  • Jan Hofer: 10 points
  • Kai Ebel: 10 points

Kai Ebel had less success. The RTL reporter only got ten points from the jurors. The audience calls could not save him from this misery either. The 56-year-old has to leave the show.

Ten pairs are currently still in the race. The grand finale of “Let’s Dance” will take place in May. Incidentally, the dance show will be canceled next week due to Easter. Instead, RTL shows a “Let’s Dance” special.

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