3000 people have to leave their homes: evacuation because of three aerial bombs | Regional


Belm (Osnabrück district) – Because of the suspicion of three aircraft bombs from the Second World War, around 3000 people in Belm (Osnabrück district) have to leave their homes this Sunday.

The evacuation area in the affected district of Vehre should be cleared by 9:30 a.m. according to plans by the municipality. Using aerial photographs and on-site measurements, experts had identified three possible locations where the duds from 1944 could be. Demolition masters are supposed to defuse the weapons over the course of Sunday.

In addition to several streets, the Osnabrück-Bremen railway line is also to be closed.

The residents are temporarily housed in a school and sports center.

The distance rules applicable due to the corona pandemic will be temporarily suspended.

According to the municipality, it is the ninth time in the past seven years that suspected unexplored bombs have been located in Belm.

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