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The motto is clear: test, test, test. Before Easter, every Burgenlander should have the opportunity to test themselves for the corona virus, said Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPĂ–). “We will organize the largest screening campaign to date in order to make a contribution to the safer Easter possible,” it said.

From Maundy Thursday, April 1, there is an Easter lockdown in Burgenland, Vienna and Lower Austria. 300,000 self-tests are delivered to the Burgenland municipal authorities at least one day in advance. A free spit test should be available for every resident – the municipal offices will distribute it. At the latest on Holy Saturday – April 3rd – everyone should have received a corona spit test. The application is uncomplicated, simple and painless, according to the state of Burgenland.

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Spit tests less reliable

The spit tests, which have only recently become available, are practical and do their part against the spread of the coronavirus – but they do not offer comprehensive security. In addition to the gargle and nose bur tests, the spit tests are considered less reliable because the amount of virus removed is relatively small. Also, untrained people cannot always perform the test correctly. So it can be that the test is negative, even though the tested person has a CoV infection. On the other hand, the nasopharynx smear is still considered a comparatively good method of performing the antigen test.

Conversely, professionally performed nasopharyngeal swabs often lead to false positive results. To illustrate: Since November of the previous year, 3,217 positive antigen tests have been registered in Burgenland. In the more detailed PCR analysis, only 1,853 of these were found to be positive. In other words: 42 percent of the people who initially tested positive had no coronavirus infection. This rate roughly corresponds to the experience of the Vienna health authorities.

Mattersburg and Oberwart districts badly affected

As far as the current corona situation is concerned, the focus is currently on the Mattersburg district. The 7-day incidence there is 417 – throughout Austria this value is only higher in Neunkirchen. The Oberwart district is also badly affected, with an incidence of 386. The authorities want to monitor developments.

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The new head of the country’s vaccination team, Markus Halwax (left), with the medical advisor Dr. Herbert Weltler

New vaccination coordinator

In order to contain the pandemic as much as possible, not only regular testing – but also vaccination is important. The Province of Burgenland recently had a new vaccination coordinator. Markus Halwax – the head of the state security center and one of the heads of the Coronavirus coordination team – will take over from Nicole Schlaffer. Halwax is advised by the physician Herbert Weltler.

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