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Since mid-January, the very high unemployment figures due to the corona have been falling in a weekly comparison. 381,177 people are currently unemployed, 5261 fewer than in the previous week. 76,000 people are in AMS training courses, 500 more than last week, as the Ministry of Labor announced on Tuesday. A total of 457,000 people currently have no job. The registrations for short-time work are currently relatively unchanged at around 487,000 short-time workers.

“From an employment perspective, we are starting Holy Week from a fairly constant starting point,” said Labor Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP) commenting on the current labor market data in a broadcast. The still tense epidemiological situation, especially in eastern Austria, still poses challenges for the labor market in view of the necessary closings.

For comparison: At the end of March 2020, Austria was in the first hard corona lockdown. Many companies fired their employees and the unemployment rate shot up. There are currently around 108,000 fewer job seekers than last year.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Labor and the Public Employment Service (AMS) will publish the detailed March figures on the labor market.

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