59 members of the army in the Spiez recruiting school tested positive


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The corona virus is turning Switzerland and the world upside down. Here in the ticker you stay up to date on the current events.

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Astrazeneca cans in Italy: Rome confirms control
After reports of large quantities of Astrazeneca vaccine in storage in Italy, the government in Rome has confirmed an inspection at a company. However, according to the information, the controlled batches of vaccines were intended for Belgium, as the inspection revealed.

The government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi distributed a corresponding statement in Rome on Wednesday. It stated that the European Commission asked Rome on Saturday (March 20) to examine a number of batches of vaccines at a production facility in Anagni, Lazio. Health Minister Roberto Speranza ordered the inspection. The Carabinieri (NAS) responsible for health protection had checked by Sunday. “The inspection showed that the lots were destined for Belgium,” it said. All outgoing lots would now be controlled by the authorities.

59 army members tested positive for corona in recruit school
In the recruiting school in Spiez BE, 59 members of the army tested positive for the corona virus, and a further 87 people were quarantined. The army has interrupted the training of the affected group.

Mutation outbreak in the military: 59 members of the army in a Spiez recruiting school tested positive for the British virus variant. (Image: Keystone)

The corona cases were found in NBC Defense School 77, as the army announced on Wednesday. The recruits were routinely tested for the corona virus. The protection concept provides for this before a general vacation in order to be able to prevent a possible procrastination into civilian life. According to the notification, there are no difficult courses. The affected are all infected with the British mutation. All the details can be found here.

Better success rate for driving tests during Corona
The learner drivers from last year delivered a better result in the theory test than those from the previous year. The traffic authorities suspect that the people tested had more time to study because of Corona. In addition, more exams were taken.

In the corona pandemic, learner drivers in Switzerland delivered better results than in the previous year. (Image: Keystone)

The average success rate was 3.4 percentage points higher than in the previous year, writes the Association of Road Traffic Authorities in a statement on Wednesday. This is despite the fact that there have been no major adjustments to the questions in the theory exams and the level of difficulty has remained unchanged. Before the corona pandemic, the success rate had been very stable for several years. All background information on the topic can be found here.

German credit insurers are letting the protective shield expire
German trade credit insurers will soon no longer need the state to secure supply chains in retail. The 30 billion euro state protective umbrella that was set up a year ago is not to be extended beyond the end of June, as the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) announced on Wednesday.

“None of the trade credit insurers involved are seeking a renewed extension,” said GDV General Manager Jörg Asmussen. The goal of not tearing the supply chains in the corona pandemic has been achieved. At the moment a collapse is no longer to be feared, also because of the state support measures for the economy. Credit insurance protects suppliers from customers being unable or unwilling to pay the bill.

Corona minute’s silence in many European cities
In dozens of cities in Europe, there was a minute’s silence and other commemorative events for the corona dead on Wednesday at 12 noon. Many of the around 200 cities from almost 40 countries took part in the joint commemoration with their own campaigns.

This was announced by the Eurocities association as the organizer. A spokesman said there was no exact number of participants.

In Berlin, according to the BVG transport company, many buses and trains stood still for a short time at noon at the stops or in the train station. The spokesman for Eurocities reported that there was a similar action in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Ackermann: “It will take a while until we are over the mountain”
Although the vaccinations are beginning to have an effect on people at risk, Taskforce President Martin Ackermann warned on Wednesday from an epidemiological point of view against further rapid opening steps. “It will be a while before we’re over the mountain.”

Ackermann: “It will take some time until we are over the mountain” Although the vaccinations are beginning to work on people at risk, Taskforce President Martin Ackermann warned on Wednesday from an epidemiological point of view against further opening steps. (Image: Keystone)

There are still many people from target group 1 who are not vaccinated, Ackermann told the Bundeshaus media. This number must first be increased significantly. “Until then, we still have to take care of our health system.” The currently declining hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated people will not be able to prevent future overburdening of the hospitals. Everything on the subject is available here.

The previous short messages from Switzerland and the world about Corona can be found here.

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members army Spiez recruiting school tested positive


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