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The new corona numbers for Vienna are available. There are 807 new corona cases – or 819. Depending on how you calculate.

The Vienna State Medical Directorate and the medical crisis team of the City of Vienna provide information on the current number of cases and other key figures on the Covid-19 virus.

As of Sunday, March 28, 2021, 112,866 positive tests have been confirmed in Vienna since the beginning of the pandemic. 100,849 people have recovered. The number of virus-related deaths is 1,881, an increase of 9 from the last report. The federal capital currently has 10,136 active cases.

If you subtract the status of Saturday (112,059 positive tests) from the total of 112,866 positive tests, you get 807 new corona cases. However, the City of Vienna breaks down the reported positive results – and this results in a total of 819.

The findings reported today include:

796 findings from March 27, 21

17 Findings from March 26, 21

1 less result from 25.03.21

2 fewer findings from March 24, 21

3 fewer results from days before.

Yesterday 58,110 corona test results were reported in Vienna. Of these, 29,426 were PCR tests and 28,684 were rapid antigen tests. 49 percent of the people who are currently testing positive in Vienna are without symptoms at the time of the test. The clearance rate in Vienna is currently 72 percent.

The health hotline 1450 has received 34,398 calls.

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