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Will there soon be a new, productive source of income in Berlin from which tax money will flow? At least the thought is obvious. Because the Senate Health Administration has just put out “the establishment and operation of 31 test stations with accompanying services” for almost 84 million euros.

More precisely: 21 stationary and ten mobile test stations. There, people can find out in a very short time whether they are infected with the corona virus. The accompanying services include the operation and further development of online platforms.

There are now 192 of these certified stations for free rapid tests in the city, including 21 of the operator 21Dx. Unlike the other operators, he sends his bills to the country because the company has been commissioned directly by Berlin. The other operators settle accounts through the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. It’s about the centers currently operated by 21Dx.

The tender is not unusual, the money that is promised to an operator is unusual. According to the test ordinance, which is uniform nationwide, each operator receives twelve euros per test. If he has bought the material himself and provides it with it, an additional six euros. But there is no more than 18 euros per test. You pay more for a PCR test, but they only make up a fraction of the daily rapid tests.

In its invitation to tender, the health administration in stationary centers requires “at least 1000 tests per day”. The contract period is four weeks (for eleven inpatient and mobile centers) or two months (for ten inpatient centers).

The senator is asking for 35 million more than in March

If you calculate on the basis of around 30,000 tests per day, you get a total of around 17 million euros for the contract term of the tender, which should flow to the operator or operators.

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The Senate Administration offers in its tender “an estimated total value of exactly 83,473,177.00 euros”. So around 66 million euros more than the tariffs of the test regulation prescribe. And the Senate Administration even provides the material.

In mid-March, Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) applied to the main committee for these centers for 49 million euros as a “maximum scenario”. This maximum scenario is exceeded by almost 35 million euros.

According to the spokesman, everything is fine with the bill

But according to a spokesman for the health administration, everything is fine with the bill. “There is no increase because the information relates to different time periods,” he said. “The decision of the main committee includes the commissioning up to and including June 30, 2021.”

Since the further development of the pandemic and thus also the need for test centers beyond this point in time cannot be estimated, the current tender for the State of Berlin contains the possibility of unilaterally accepting the orders beyond June 30, 2021 until December 31, 2021 at the latest extend. “This was decided by the main committee, subject to the separate approval of the necessary budgetary funds.” And “of course” the call for tenders was “coordinated with the Senate Department for Finance”.

In addition, the press spokesman said: “The State of Berlin does not pay for a federal test regulation. In this respect, the aforementioned comparison figure is incomprehensible. ”He did not explain why a different tariff should apply in Berlin than in the federal government.

The tender will now be rescheduled

The fact that this tender came about at all is due to the fact that in some cases there had not been any before. Berlin commissioned 21Dx when large test centers had to be set up quickly. However, the contract was not put out to tender. Direct awarding is possible in pandemic times in order to avoid long tendering procedures, but this was at least unusual in terms of size.

That is why there was criticism of the health administration. The now reacts with the current announcement of the centers. It will probably stay with that. The press spokesman said: “There is no reason for a new tender”.

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