95 new Covid cases and one death



In Burgenland, 95 more new coronavirus infections and another death related to Covid-19 were reported from Monday to Tuesday. The situation in the domestic CoV intensive care units remains tense.

The number of people currently actively infected in Burgenland remained high from Monday to Tuesday at more than 1,400. More than 3,050 Burgenlanders were in officially ordered quarantine. The country’s coronavirus coordination staff reported 95 new coronavirus infections. Another death is to be lamented. An 83-year-old man from the Neusiedl am See district has died in connection with Covid-19.

The situation on CoV stations remains tense

The situation in the Burgenland Covid intensive care units remains tense – more on this in CoV intensive care capacities at the limit. On Tuesday morning, 91 Covid patients were in isolated treatment, 21 of whom had to receive intensive care. The intensive care bed capacities are currently to be increased to a total of 35 places nationwide.

By Tuesday morning, almost 36,500 people in Burgenland had been vaccinated – of which 14,515 people also received the second dose. So far, almost 132,000 registrations have been received in the electronic reservation system for the coronavirus vaccination.

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Covid cases death


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