A “Hickersberger” is strictly forbidden against the Frer


Complacency or Self-Criticism? Austria’s national football team decided before the World Cup qualifying home game On Sunday against the Frer (8.45 p.m., ORF 1 live) in Vienna for the latter. The 2: 2 in Scotland was too little for the domestic claims. You know something else from the past. “We only took one point with us, but we will learn from it,” said Wolfsburg legioner Xaver Schlager.

Team boss Franco Foda was also not satisfied. “It was unnecessary for me, we left two points here. We made one mistake too many, especially in set pieces.” However, the coach also stood in front of LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager, who did not look good, especially at 1-1. “He didn’t have to excel, so the game wasn’t that easy for a goalkeeper,” said Foda of the LASK goalkeeper. “Overall, the performance was satisfactory.” Foda left it open whether Schlager will play again tomorrow. In general, numerous changes are to be expected, as it will continue against Denmark on Wednesday.

“Do a Hickersberger”

In any case, caution is advised against the Frer. The days when players worked as mechanics, psychologists, hit parade strikers, mechanics and kindergarten teachers are long gone. Goalkeeper Jens Martin Knudsen – the man with the pointed hat in the 1-0 victory over Austria in 1990 – runs a fish factory. Kaj Leo Johanneson was probably elected Prime Minister of the country thanks to his popularity ratings as a footballer. One word has been kept in local football usage: the “Hickersberger”. The statement by Allan Mrkre, once an opponent of Toni Polster and then active as a coach: “That is not meant badly. Hickersberger you will be called when you embarrass yourself in football or as a coach, for example, face the end. Because when you are against loses the Frer, then you always have a problem as a coach. “

Today, with Joan Edmundsson, an opposing player even plays in the German Bundesliga near Bielefeld. Nevertheless, FB team boss Franco Foda shouldn’t happen to “Hickersberger” today.

Article by

Harald Bartl

Deputy Head of Sports Department

Harald Bartl



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Hickersberger strictly forbidden Frer


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