A maximum of 931 intensive care beds for Covid patients


There are a total of 1,852 beds in intensive care units in all nine federal states, according to the data from the traffic light commission. As of Wednesday, 524 of them were still available – 340 for Covid infected people, 450 were occupied. A further 141 intensive care beds can be made available for seriously ill corona patients within a week. That gives a maximum of 931 beds for Covid sufferers.

Thus, on Wednesday, 48.33 percent of all intensive care beds available for Covid 19 sufferers throughout Austria were already occupied within a week. The expert forecast expects 630 intensive care patients in the week after next. This would mean that 68 percent of the maximum available beds would be required.

According to the commission’s report, 58 percent of the total of 2,112 ventilators available were still free by mid-week. Particularly critical patients with severe lung failure are connected to ECMO devices. This stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The device takes over the lung function. There are 68 machines across Austria. On Wednesday, 32 percent were already in use and 68 percent free.

There are 32,678 beds in the normal care wards throughout Austria. Of these, 22,003 were occupied by patients on Wednesday, plus 2,961 infected people with Covid-19. In the middle of the week there were still 2,961 beds available for them.

Additional effort in supply

In the report of the traffic light commission, which has spoken out in favor of stricter “Eastern measures” in view of the escalating development in the rest of the country, an overview of the capacities of the staff was also given. According to this, there are 2,073 doctors in intensive care units across Austria. Of them, 2.5 percent were on sick leave or unable to work this week. Covid-19 patients in intensive care units mean additional care costs. There are 5,646 qualified nurses in the intensive care departments of hospitals across Austria. Of them, 4.1 percent were sick or unable to work on Wednesday. According to the Austrian Covid-19 vaccination plan, the health care staff was immunized in the first phase.

In the previous week, 28.1 percent of the newly infected nationwide were symptomless, the cluster analysis showed. 75.6 percent were infected through the household, followed by 12.7 percent in their leisure time, 4.6 percent at work and 4.5 percent in the education sector. The average age of the newly infected was 46.7 years at the beginning of the year and fell to 38.2 by the beginning of March. It has risen again since calendar week ten from March 8th to 14th and this week was 39 years.

If there has been a decline in new infections and deaths in homes since the beginning of the year – due to vaccinations and protective measures, the seven-day incidence of people over 65 has recently increased again across Austria, analyzed the traffic light commission. In this population group, at least 26.78 percent have received a first dose of vaccine, according to the latest figures this week. In the older population aged 80 and over, it was 60.12 percent by Wednesday.


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