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The Società Sportiva Lazio is based in the Italian capital Rome, but it has one of the splendor Big City Club “it is far away. The club has had a negative image for years: When it comes to the name Lazio, many inevitably think of the partly right-wing fan scene. In the past, the violent Ultra group took care of it Irriducibili ”, whose leader Fabrizio Piscitelli, called Diabolik ”, was shot in 2019, regularly for scandals related to anti-Semitism or racism. Again and again, the admiration for the former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini played a role.

Former Lazio captain Paolo Di Canio who got a tattoo with the Latin word Dux ”wears on his upper arm in honor of Duce Mussolini, once greeted the supporters in the Curva Nord with the Saluto Romano, the Italian counterpart to the Hitler salute. The most recent scandal occurred on April 24, 2019, as a supporter of the Irriducibili ”(“ the indomitable ”) a banner with the inscription before an away game at AC Milan Onore a Benito Mussolini ”(“ Honor for Benito Mussolini ”) through the streets of Milan and also stretched his arm several times to the Saluto Romano. In February 2020, the Irriducibili “officially dissolved, but it is questionable whether it is the case now Ultras Lazio ”is a start-up or rather a renaming. After all, things have calmed down a bit for the Ultras since then. Hardly surprising in view of the corona-related game break and subsequent ghost games.

No big deal

Around a year later, the name Mussolini is again associated with Lazio – albeit in a completely different context. The 18-year-old Romano Floriani Mussolini signed his first professional contract with the Laziali on Tuesday. Floriani Mussolini was born in Rome, has played for Lazio for almost five years – and he is the great-grandson of Duce. At the beginning of February the news had caused a stir that Floriani Mussolini, born in 2003, is now for the Pri­ma­vera, the U19 of the Laziali. A little more than a month and a half later he received a professional contract until 2023. The club did not make a big deal out of it, neither on the social media channels nor on the club’s own homepage was the signature of the contract announced. But the news quickly made the rounds, and soon the first gags were circulating Mussolini Jr. ”, about his position (right-back) or the fact that he probably signed a twenty-year contract – that was how long the great-grandfather’s fascist regime lasted.

On the occasion of the signing of the contract, the young player himself only published the usual empty phrases on his official Instagram account, which he operates under the name Romano Floriani: He was overjoyed to have signed his first professional contract and was looking forward to the next three years. He wanted to have any discussions about himself with the newspaper beforehand The messenger aus­räumen: At Lazio, I’m only rated based on how I play, not my last name. ”

Iridescent mother

Now Romano Floriani Mussolini can neither do anything for his surname nor for his great-grandfather. However, his mother, Alessandra Mussolini, is responsible for the double surname, which is unusual in Italy and thus in a certain way also for the media hype. She insisted that her son should not only bear his father’s name, Floriani, but also hers – to get the family name ”, as she told the news agency on the occasion of the baptism in 2003 adnkronos announced. On the occasion, she also announced that one of Romano’s six first names is Benito – and Mamma Alessandra makes no secret of it, in honor of the famous great-grandfather.

The 58-year-old has never tried to break away from her famous last name. On the contrary, after a moderately successful career as an actress and singer, she went into politics herself in the 1990s. She was a member of the Italian Social Movement as well as the Alle­anza Nazio­nale and founded her own party in 2003 Social Action – all right-wing and partly openly neo-fascist parties. In 2009 she joined Silvio Berlusconi’s center-right party, which she also represented in the EU Parliament in Brussels. In addition, Mussolini often sits in Italian talk shows, where she sometimes complains that one can no longer say the Z ‑ word, publicly asserting that she is proud of being a fascist ”or messing with people who are her grandfather do not show the necessary respect ”. Most recently, she reached third place on the dance show dancing with the Stars and then announced their withdrawal from politics. In the show in November 2020, she also put a dance on the floor with a surprise guest – son Romano, who first appeared in public at the time.

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Mussolini Lazio #11FREUNDE


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