A1 customers can choose Fritzbox 7590 as a router


Anyone who has an Internet contract with A1 can now request a Fritzbox 7590 as a router. While business customers have received the currently powerful AVM model as standard since the beginning of the week, private customers who want to use a better router can also use a 7590. The router promises fast throughput rates of up to 1733 Mbit / s in the 5 GHz band and up to 800 Mbit / s over the 2.4 GHz frequency.

monthly fee

In order to be able to use the premium router, however, private customers have to pay an additional charge of 4.90 euros per month. At least the one-time activation fee of 70 euros is currently not applicable. The offer is intended for customers who do not want to buy the router themselves in stores. In the open market, the device is currently available for around 200 euros, so if you transfer the monthly fee to A1, you only save to a limited extent in the long term.

With the router, A1 wants to address households with many users and devices – this is marketed under the heading of family – as well as gamers. These should benefit from low ping times and even faster and more stable connections, especially if someone is streaming a film in the WLAN at the same time. You can also specify when the modem restarts once a day. Thanks to the built-in dual antennas, the WLAN should also be better than with less powerful devices.

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customers choose Fritzbox router


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