Accident with light rail: pedestrian is fatally injured


A car on line 3 has derailed on Jöllenbecker Straße. A person was killed in the accident. The recovery of the badly damaged train went much faster than expected.

Bielefeld. There was a serious accident with a tram on Jöllenbecker Strasse on Saturday morning, March 27, around 7:30 a.m. The train, which consists of two coupled trains, drove Jöllenbecker Straße from the direction of Babenhausen Süd towards the city center. The fatal incident occurred at the “Lange Straße” stop, in which part of the train derailed. How this came about is still unclear. The fact is that after the accident the rear part of the light rail was disconnected from the front part to the right of the rails …

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Accident light rail pedestrian fatally injured


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