According to Microsoft, a blessing for developers and not comparable to Netflix


With its Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has launched a flat-rate game that in itself can be seen as a purchase argument for the Xbox Series X | S. The offer is also a sign that the Redmond company is saying goodbye to the focus on pure hardware platforms. Because cloud gaming via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also becoming more and more important. According to Microsoft, the developers also benefit from this.

For example, Xbox Game Pass subscribers would behave differently compared to non-subscribers:

  • You spend 20% more time playing games.
  • You play 30% more on separate titles.
  • They play 40% more different genres.
  • They spend 20% more money on games.

Microsoft’s takeover of Zenimax Media is likely to attract even more subscribers as it is now clear that upcoming games from studios like Bethesda will end up in the Game Pass from the day they are released. Currently, the price-performance ratio is hard to beat, even if you only play a few games from the subscription. Developers explain that the subscription model has so far not had the negative effects that musicians, for example, complain about. The Game Pass is often a first step into certain genres or titles from a developer or publisher for customers. If interest is then aroused, there is also the willingness to buy more games.

Microsoft also relies on it and announces that this is due to the dovetailing with Xbox Live and the Microsoft Store. In addition, there would be not only the games themselves, but also in-game purchases, DLCs and expansions that give developers further monetization options. In addition, Microsoft assumes that it will reach a significantly larger target group in the long term. Many people would like to play games but have no need to buy a PC or console. They will then be picked up with cloud gaming.

The developers of No More Robots also found that Game Pass subscribers increased word of mouth. It even helped their sales figures that they offered games like “Descenders” there. Because many subscribers would then have brought their friends on board to play together. And if you weren’t a subscriber, you’d like to buy the title. It can be said that the offer via the Xbox Game Pass did not damage the sales figures in any case.

In addition, there are the hardcore fans who buy a game even if they have played it via Game Pass – to be sure that they can still access it later. But I throw in that this behavior could of course change in the long term. We should wait and see what the game industry looks like when subscriptions could become more and more the standard.

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Microsoft blessing developers comparable Netflix


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