ACE summer tire test 2021 in size 225/45 R17


The dimension 225/45 R17 fits many compact and mid-range cars. Often cheaper tires are used here – which is no longer a problem, as the current summer tire test by the ACE Auto Club Europe shows.

It shows up anew in almost every tire test: car tires are reaching an ever higher standard – even if they belong to the rather inexpensive category. Sometimes the budget tires even win the comparison, as is now the case with the ACE Auto Club Europe. The automobile club subjected nine rounds in the dimension 225/45 R17, which fits many compact and mid-range cars, to a relentless test procedure – with surprising results.

The test winner is the representative of the South Korean brand Nexen with 157 out of 190 possible points. Although the second cheapest tire in comparison, at 83 euros each, the N’Fera Sport SU2 impresses with the best dry performance and lands in the top field even when wet. At the same time, it scores highly in the economy / environment category.

The cheapest tire in third place

A total of four summer tires tested received the rating “very recommendable” by the ACE. In second place is the Nokian Wetproof, which is also a rather inexpensive tire (92 euros). The third-placed Maxxis Premitra 5, which is particularly impressive when it comes to aquaplaning, costs just 77 euros per copy. Together with the Laufenn S Fit EQ +, which is placed in the middle of the field but leads the economy / environment category, it is the cheapest tire in the field. It lands on the podium with the Falken Azenis FK510, which costs 93 euros; this tire shows the most balanced wetness properties of all.

ACE Auto Club Europe

And the premium brands? The Michelin Primacy 4 alone, the most expensive tire in the comparison at 114 euros per copy, received a “very recommendable” rating from their representatives. It owes this primarily to its properties in dry conditions and its braking behavior in wet conditions; in these individual ratings he takes the lead. Rather disappointing, however, is the performance of the Continental Premium Contact 6 (113 euros), which scores as many points as the Laufenn. However, the Conti-Pneu brakes best in dry conditions. The 109 Euro Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 is the bottom of the ACE summer tire test 2021; but even he is at least recommendable.

Fits many common car models

The 225/45 R17 format fits many widespread car models such as the VW Golf, Tiguan and Passat as well as their MQB offshoots. But cars like the BMW series 1, 2 and 3, the Mercedes A, B and C class as well as the Opel Astra and Zafira can be equipped with this tire size. The ACE carried out its summer tire test in 2021 together with the GTÜ Society for Technical Monitoring and its Austrian partner ARBÖ.

Note: In our photo show we summarize the results of the auto motor und sport summer tire test 2021. Here we compare small car size 195/55 R16 tires.


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As long as you exclude particularly cheap discount tires from your search, you have a good chance of getting good tires even in low-priced regions. The current summer tire test of the ACE, in which the inexpensive representatives perform well across the board, provides renewed evidence for this thesis. On the other hand, some premium tires are rather disappointing, with none of the rubber tested being considered really bad.

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ACE summer tire test size R17


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