Adam Nassor on the Corona crisis – The solution: “Power to apologize”


Nassor has already inspired numerous athletes with his hypnosis, and he also advises companies and corporations in the advertising industry. We asked him:

Why is the government losing approval?

At the beginning she did not take the virus seriously, and this primary effect is now stored as a fact in the people – that is why serious measures now seem unrealistic, which is why conspiracy theories gain the upper hand.

What are the tricks of these strange theorists?

There are five clear answers to this, which apply in democracies and, historically, also in dictatorships: 1. Make dreams possible for the people; 2. Justify the mistakes people make; 3. allay fears; 4. Confirm suspicion; 5. Help him throw stones at “enemies”!

What else went wrong?

The back and forth, half the lockdown, then another hard one – that was an emotional roller coaster! Regular changes in feelings lead to a trance that makes you vulnerable to populists.

And the solution?

The power of apology! Admit mistakes and address projects that have already been implemented. No more announcements!

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Adam Nassor Corona crisis solution Power apologize


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