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Aercap’s Dreamliner: Norse Atlantic procures nine Boeing 787s


The new Norwegian long-haul low-cost airline is moving forward. Norse Atlantic Airways has signed an agreement to rent nine Boeing 787-8s and 787-9s.



Dreamliner from Norwegian: Norse Atlantic also relies on the model.

Three investors want to do what Norwegian failed. Shipping company owner Bjørn Tore Larsen and the two Norwegian founders Bjørn Kjos and Bjørn Kise recently founded Norse Atlantic Airways. As early as next December they want to start cheap flights with the new airline from Oslo, London and Paris to the USA. Los Angeles, Miami and New York are named as the first destinations.

They are serious about it. Because on Monday (March 29th) it became known that Norse Atlantic Airways had signed a contract with Aercap. The new airline rents six used Boeing 787-8s and three 787-9s from the leasing company. Deliveries should take place in 2021, Aercap said in a statement.

Norwegian also leased from Aercap

On the other hand, Norwegian is doing the exact opposite. The low-cost airline is withdrawing to short and medium-haul routes. In the future, it will only offer holiday destinations and major European destinations. She had also leased her former Dreamliner from Aercap. It is quite possible that Norse Atlantic Airways will fly with ex-Norwegian Dreamliners.

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Aercaps Dreamliner Norse Atlantic procures Boeing #787s


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