After 114 days of intensive care: Moving: Covid patient is allowed to go to the sea in the hospital bed


Barcelona –

No sunlight, no visits from family or friends. For 114 days, Joan Soler Sendra (63) was in the intensive care unit of a Barcelona hospital. So that he can regain hope, the doctors have made a special excursion possible for him. With the sick bed to the sea.

“He is a first wave patient and of all the longest here in the hospital,” said nurse Andrea Castellvi. He had been artificially ventilated for a long time and is now trying to breathe independently again. However, he cannot speak again yet. “We are making progress step by step,” said the woman.

A moving moment for the whole family

The short trip to the nearby sea by sick bed is intended to promote emotional recovery. It was a moving moment for the patient’s family. For the first time in such a long time, the relatives were allowed to see the man again.

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Sendra’s brothers were also infected with the corona virus last November, but did not have to go to the hospital. The 63-year-old also had only mild symptoms at first. But within a few days he developed a high fever – and got weaker and weaker. (wb)

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days intensive care Moving Covid patient allowed sea hospital bed


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