After 25 years: Easter Egg discovered in Windows 95


A good 25 years after publication: A software developer has discovered a new Easter egg in Windows 95.
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This Easter egg in Windows 95 was only discovered after more than 25 years

Microsoft introduced its Windows 95 operating system almost 26 years ago. That’s how long it took for a Twitter user to discover a previously secret message. The Easter egg was hidden in a mail program.

Even after more than 25 years there are still new things to discover with Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system. A Twitter user named Albacore has now tracked down a so-called Easter egg that an unknown programmer had apparently hidden in the mail program “Microsoft Internet Mail and News”.

Credits lists programmers

“It’s never too late to find Easter eggs”, Albacore writes on Twitter about his discovery and also explains how he found the hidden message. In order to find the Easter egg, you have to call up the help menu after starting the mail program. A DLL file can be found in the About dialog. If you click on this and enter the word «Mortimer», the credits appear in a new window in which the names of all programmers are listed.

This means that the Twitter user should actually be the first to discover the hidden message. At least the hidden message has never appeared in any generic article listing well-known Easter eggs in Windows 95.

The Easter egg that has now been discovered was hidden in the Outlook Express 4 mail program until “Windows 98 build 1559”, as another Twitter user writes.

If you feel like clicking your way through Windows 95, you can do so in your browser on the Internet Archive website. Alternatively, you can download the operating system as an app.

In the current Windows 10 operating system, one looks for hidden messages in vain. For security reasons, Microsoft officially stopped hiding Easter eggs in its products in 2002 as part of its Trustworthy Computing Initiative. Now Easter eggs are only occasionally available in beta versions of the Windows Insider Program. Windows users can test pre-release versions of the operating system.

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