After a sales crisis due to Corona: Kloster gets rid of cheese with an online challenge


After a sales crisis due to Corona
Kloster gets rid of cheese with an online challenge

Because fewer customers come to the monastery shop in the pandemic, monks in France are sitting on around 4,000 wheels of cheese. With an internet challenge, they still want to sell the famous semi-hard cheese – and they exceed their own expectations in the process.
The monks of the French Cistercian abbey Abbaye de Cîteaux have set themselves their own internet challenge. By Tuesday they wanted to get rid of 4,000 unsold cheeses with a total weight of 2.8 tons. Since they only sold a fraction of their famous Reblochon cheese in the corona pandemic, it was piled up in their basement.

Just a few hours after the “challenge” began on Friday, they had sold over two-thirds. The pandemic had also caused sales difficulties in the monastery, although its award-winning Reblochon, which has been produced and awarded since 1925, is usually very popular.

But because of the Corona restrictions, fewer customers would come to the monastery shop and the closed restaurants no longer ordered cheese, said Brother Jean-Claude. Sales have therefore decreased by almost 50 percent. “What should we do?” Said the monk responsible for marketing the cheese with a big smile. “We told our cows to give less milk, but they don’t want to understand.”

And the walls in the overcrowded basement couldn’t be moved either. That is why the 19 monks came up with the idea of ​​offering their surplus cow’s milk cheese with a particularly spicy note via the start-up “Devine Box”, which means something like Divine Box.

The young company specializes in selling monastery products online. Their goal of getting rid of around 2.8 tons by Tuesday turned out to be not particularly ambitious: when the sale closed at midnight on the first day, there were not even 800 kilograms left.

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sales crisis due Corona Kloster rid cheese online challenge


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