After breast surgery: Oliver Pocher makes fun of celebrity influencer


Oliver Pocher railed against BibisBeautyPalace in his latest video. Image: Instagram / Oliver Pocher

After surgery: Pocher makes fun of Bianca Claßen

Youtube star Bianca Claßen recently had two beauty operations. “I will have my breasts enlarged and I will also have a nose job.”, she announced to her community beforehand. As the reason for the decision, she cited the rapidly successive pregnancies and the subsequent breastfeeding periods, which would have changed her body a lot.

Oliver Pocher is someone who vehemently speaks out against cosmetic surgery. He regularly denounces influencers in particular for their appearance. In his podcast he already railed: “I hate that about women when they only try to get away with it through their optics, but can’t do anything like that. I have no respect for that, and unfortunately that’s the Instagram world. Now they are all starting to operate. “ On Instagram, the comedian spoke about Bibi’s beauty interventions in his latest screen control and gave her clear words on the way.

Oliver Pocher makes fun of Bibi’s interventions

Pocher first said about the Youtuber: “She took us with her for weeks because she was no longer satisfied with her nose and breasts. After the two births, she now wants to change something. You can just do it or you can talk about it openly and also turn it into a business model, because of course there is still money for every click. “

But that wasn’t the end of it, Pocher continued teasing: “Bibi was released from the operating room yesterday and now looks like this. It turned out really well, you have to say at this point.” He then showed a picture of singer The Weeknd, who had bandaged around his head and covered his nose and forehead with plasters at the previous American Music Awards.

Here Oliver Pocher shows The Weeknd. Image: Instagram / Oliver Pocher

Pocher now blasphemed: “There are only parts of Bibi, I hardly recognize her anymore. Perhaps she should not act under Bibi, but under Tina, her maiden name.” That is of course not true, because Bibi’s real name is Bianca and not Tina. But he couldn’t resist the little swipe at the Höspiel range. Even the Instagram stories after Bibi’s surgery, in which she explained how she is now, did not go down well with the 43-year-old:

Oliver Pocher shows what Bibi has to say after the surgery. instagram / oliver pocher

Bibi said, among other things: “First of all for everyone who has not noticed it yet: My new video from the day of the operation is online. You will also learn a lot about it. I would like to link you here again. I’m definitely better than last night, I have to freshen up right away. (…) For those of you who have nothing to do, swipe up for the new podcast. “

Finally, Pocher sent the social media star a message and said: “Basically, I’ll say it again: It’s totally okay, you can have an operation, but when you have seven and a half million followers and many of them are very young, you shouldn’t be surprisedthat a lot of girls come and say, I have such a small hump and want to do my nose and breasts a bit, Bibi did it too. But well, everyone has to decide for themselves. “


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