After Covid disease: Mayor back in Warngau town hall


Corona is now over in the Warngau town hall: The mayor and other employees who were sick with Covid-19 are back in office.

Warngau – In Warngau town hall normal operations have returned: Mayor Klaus Thurnhuber has been back in office after recovering from Covid-19 disease, and on Tuesday evening he chaired the postponed meeting of the municipal council. A corona outbreak occurred in the Warngau town hall at the beginning of March. The last of the affected employees is expected to return to the town hall on Wednesday if the last test is negative. They too had flu-like symptoms, reports Thurnhuber. Fortunately, no one was in such bad condition that hospitalization was warranted.

Thurnhuber himself, in which Covid broke out shortly after he was vaccinated as a risk patient, was lying flat at home. “I almost only slept for two days,” he explains. He had headaches and aching limbs, complete exhaustion, and for two days there were also frightening breathing problems. A total of about seven days felt like a bad flu for him, then the 57-year-old gradually felt a little more vital again.

Whether it was due to the vaccination with Astrazeneca that he was spared a severe course as a high-risk patient is speculation. “You can’t say that 100 percent. But I felt good that I was vaccinated, ”says Thurnhuber. The quarantine for the mayor ended on Saturday after a final PCR test confirmed that the corona infection was over.

During his illness, Thurnhuber was in daily contact with the family doctor and the health department by telephone. “I felt well looked after.” The Warngau town hall chief wants to expressly praise the employees of the health department: “They work from morning to night, and then only criticism comes. I would like to see more appreciation: These are the heroes of the district. “

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