After demos against corona measures: Nena thanks lateral thinker protesters



Singer Nena (61) takes the side of the people who demonstrated against the German corona measures on Saturday in an Instagram story.

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Singer Nena (61) has spoken again about the German Corona measures in the past few days.


“Thank you Kassel,” she writes about a picture of the anti-measures demonstration in Kassel, which has since escalated.


Corona denier or just a PR scam?  Singer Nena left users pretty perplexed after an Instagram post in October 2020.

Corona denier or just a PR scam? Singer Nena left users pretty perplexed after an Instagram post in October 2020.


  • A demonstration against corona measures took place in the German city of Kassel on Saturday. A little later, singer Nena thanked the demonstrators in an Insta story and wrote “Thank you Kassel”.

  • The 61-year-old spoke up on Instagram on the subject in October.

  • Even if she did not explicitly mention the corona virus, it seemed clear at the time that she was taking a position on the pandemic in her lines.

  • She got approval from corona skeptic Xavier Naidoo (49), among others.

More than 20,000 people demonstrated against the Corona measures in the German city of Kassel last Saturday. Many participants did not adhere to the requirement to wear mouth and nose protection. The situation escalated and journalists and police officers were attacked.

Two days later, singer Nena (61) posted an Insta story with pictures and videos of the demonstrators and wrote “Thanks Kassel” and “Love is made out of courage”, a line from her hit song “Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann”. She also thanked Xavier Naidoo for the music – the singer had backed her pictures with a new song by the controversial singer.

In her latest Insta-Post, which was posted in February before the Kassel demo, Nena comments on vaccinations: “Dear ones, there will still be no two-class society at my concerts. You are always welcome! Whether you get vaccinated or not is entirely YOUR decision and must be respected by everyone. “

Xavier Naidoo is back on the agenda

As early as October 2020, the 61-year-old signaled with an Instagram post where she is personally in the corona discussion. Even if she did not explicitly mention the coronavirus, Nena wrote about her “common sense, which breaks down the information and the scare tactics that pour in from the outside into all its parts”. And about “not letting myself be drawn into the darkness hypnotized by fear”. She calls on her fans to “go into the light” and “stand for love”.

She got approval in October from soul singer Xavier Naidoo (49), among others. The singer and avowed Corona skeptic left a heart emoji and praying hands under the entry. For her part, Nena replied with a heart.

At the time, however, Nena did not want to be considered a corona denier. “She doesn’t take sides, but has an opinion and feelings that she primarily expresses in her music,” quoted the “Bild” at the time, quoting the singer’s management.

Do you or does someone you know have problems with the corona time?

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