After nine years in Germany: deported to Ethiopia


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A 61-year-old Eritrean from Witzenhausen was deported to Addis Ababa on Tuesday evening. She was picked up early in the morning on the same day from the “Blumenhaus” accommodation by a plainclothes policeman.

A 61-year-old Eritrean woman was picked up by plainclothes policeman early Tuesday morning from the refugee accommodation “Blumenhaus” in Witzenhausen near Kassel, reported the Witzenhausen Asylum Working Group.

Although her Eritrean identity was certified by the Eritrean embassy, ​​she was deported from Frankfurt to the capital of Ethiopia with other refugees in a collective deportation on Tuesday evening, it is said.

Her lawyer had asked the Administrative Court of Kassel (VG Kassel) to inspect the files and tried to establish contact with her client. But the VG Kassel refused. According to the working group, the Eritrean had lived in Germany for nine years and in Witzenhausen for eight years.

During her stay in Neu-Eichenberg near Witzenhausen for several years, she was an active member of the community. She volunteered in the school kitchen and in the café of the meeting “NEB”, it goes on. She is an active member of the Catholic parish of Witzenhausen and has long been part of the Ak Asyl Witzenhausen, the women’s meeting and organized with Women In Exile.

In Ethiopia, the conflict between the Ethiopian central government and the government of the Tigray region between Ethiopia and Eritrea escalated in November 2020. Only a few days ago there were violent attacks on civilians in the Ethiopian province of Tigray.

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