After separation from Laura Maria: Pietro Lombardi makes an announcement


On Thursday, singer Pietro Lombardi (28) announced the reasons for the end between him and his ex-girlfriend Laura Maria (24). In an emotional and honest statement, he makes things clear for his fans. He also says that the influencer probably saw him as a “means to an end”. What was meant as a clarifying statement, however, degenerated into a hate wave against Laura Maria within hours.

Pietro has now written a statement to finally clarify the situation. He does not want to spread “any hatred” towards his ex. “No Laura, or better, no one deserves to be hated to be attacked,” he writes in his Insta story. He describes himself as a positive person who doesn’t want to have anything to do with people who spread hatred.

The 28-year-old also apologizes for the choice of words to Laura Maria: The statement “means to an end” slipped out when he was overwhelmed by emotions. He wishes his ex all the best in the post – and asks his fans to do the same.

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