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After she collapses, she ends up in the hospital


Sara Kulka has come back with worrying news

Sara’s family supports wherever they can

“Dear ones, nothing has come from me so far because I was in the hospital. I collapsed. But now I’m back home and I’m getting better by the hour,” writes the mother of little Mathilda (6) and Annabell (4) on Instagram. Since then, the girls haven’t left their mom’s side. A snapshot shows Sara in bed hugging one of her daughters. Your face looks clearly weakened.

She comments: “I lie in bed all day and the girls don’t move a piece of me.” The model, who recently confessed to having marital problems, is too weak to cook. Fortunately, her family is with her. Mathilda and Annabell’s uncle has come to prepare food and Sara’s mom also helps with the household.

Sara threatens hospital staff with a lawyer

The 30-year-old does not reveal the reason for her admission to the hospital, but someone has anticipated her, as her Instagram story shows: “Every nurse or doctor who treated me that day is obliged to maintain confidentiality. Well I’ve heard that word is out about the reason I was admitted. I’m pretty angry about that. ” The mother of two is so beside herself that she even threatens her lawyer if this confidential information gets to the press. Whether Sara will reveal details about her health remains to be seen. Get well soon!

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