After the “DSDS” premiere: Dieter Bohlen buttons up Gottschalk


Dieter Bohlen spoke about Thomas Gottschalk in a video. Image: screenshot

After the “DSDS” premiere: Dieter Bohlen now distributes nasty against Thomas Gottschalk

Dieter Bohlen is apparently slowly getting back to his old form. After being silent for a long time after leaving RTL, he spoke up personally for the first time on Saturday evening. On Instagram, he told his followers that he had big plans and that various offers were already on his table. Now the Poptitan puts it up again and shares it out powerfully in a video.

Actually, Bohlen had claimed just a few hours ago that he had not even watched the “DSDS” show with substitute juror Thomas Gottschalk. “We didn’t have time,” he replied tersely when asked by a fan. But he must have followed the event a little, at least that’s what his latest video suggests.

Bohlen distributes nasty against Thomas Gottschalk

In “Dieters Tagesschau” he speaks up as snappy as usual and blasphemes the spontaneous guest juror Gottschalk. First of all, he explained to the “very young people” who was actually on the jury on Saturday: “That was Thomas Gottschalk.” And Gottschalk’s hairstyle was also discussed. After all, according to Bohlen, some fans would have asked: “Why is he wearing his grandma’s hairpieces?” The pop titan only had one nasty answer ready: “I don’t know, but people looked something like this in 1970.”

Maite Kelly, Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Singer were the jurors of the “DSDS” live shows. Image: dpa / Stefan Gregorowius

It got really nasty when it came to Gottschalk’s alleged lisp, which some fans had wondered about. For this purpose, etched planks:

Bohlen turns to “DSDS” candidates

And the music producer also went back to Gottschalk’s hearing aid advertising and pointedly countered: “You can also judge music with hearing aids, but I don’t really know.”

At the end of the almost 1-minute video, Bohlen also condescended to address a few words to the “DSDS” candidates: “Of course, I greet all my candidates with all my heart. I wish you the best of luck,” he said. For his former jury colleagues Maite Kelly and Mike Singer, however, he had no greeting left.


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After the current season of “DSDS”, RTL and Dieter Bohlen go their separate ways. The 67-year-old will no longer be the chief juror of the casting show and will also drop out of “Das Supertalent”. A more detailed official justification for the decision has not yet been given, but of course this step provokes emotional reactions from fans as well as from celebrities.

In his video format “Screen Control”, Oliver Pocher has now also commented on the Bohlen departure. Although the …

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DSDS premiere Dieter Bohlen buttons Gottschalk


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