After the EU summit: Briefly “optimistic” about the distribution of vaccines


In addition to Kurz, Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic and the heads of government of the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Latvia also complained that the actual distribution deviates from the originally agreed population key. Bulgaria and Latvia in particular are far behind when it comes to vaccine distribution.

In a statement at the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, Draghi highlighted the need to take action against pharmaceutical companies that are failing to meet their obligations to the EU. According to the Italian media, Draghi said that many EU citizens had the impression that they had been “betrayed” by the pharmaceutical companies. Not taking any action against the pharmaceutical giants is incomprehensible to the population.

Vaccine for Austria?

In a press statement on Friday, Kurz was optimistic that “the ten million additional doses of vaccine will result in a fairer delivery of vaccines in the EU in the second quarter” – from which Austria will also benefit.

Kurz had recently indicated in the “ZIB2” that Austria could get around 400,000 missing doses by the summer as part of the correction. According to the population key, only 200,000 of these Biontech cans would be in Austria.

The Chancellor believed that a solidarity-based division would be created in the EU and thanked those countries “that do not benefit but have spoken out in favor of it anyway.” “One third of the member states have spoken out in favor of a fairer distribution of vaccines,” emphasized Kurz.

The alliance of the “Frugals” is still very good, and they will continue to pull together, said the Chancellor, even if they differed on some issues. It is important that there is a balance, because the European Union has always promised that 70 percent of adults in the EU will be vaccinated by summer.

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