Agreement with trade unions: TUIfly is cutting fewer jobs


Status: 05.03.2021 9:57 p.m.

Negotiations with the unions took place for weeks, and now the compromise has been reached: TUIfly, which has been hard hit by the Corona crisis, will cut significantly fewer jobs than planned. For this, the workforce has to accept cuts.

In the dispute over the austerity course at TUIfly, after long negotiations, there is a compromise between employees and company management. As it was said after an extraordinary meeting of the company’s supervisory board, the number of machines operated in Germany will not be reduced from 35 to 17, but only to 22. This goes hand in hand with the goal of cutting around 200 fewer jobs for pilots and cabin crew than initially planned by management.

TUIfly boss Oliver Lackmann wrote to the workforce. “We will employ a total of 370 pilots in the cockpit and 830 colleagues in the cabin,” he announced. That is significantly less than before the collapse of business in the Corona year 2020. Operational dismissals should be avoided as far as possible – the unions had insisted on such a commitment. However, there is still no guarantee that there will be no major layoffs.

Expenses and commissions are capped

According to the ver.di union, the employees concerned are to be offered additional volunteer programs in the cabin and on the ground, and on the ground it may also be possible to switch to a transfer company. Certain remuneration components such as expenses or commissions are capped, sometimes also in the case of old-age provision.

The employees of the TUI group airline also have to accept more options for intervention and “flexibility” in terms of working hours and shifts. In terms of maintenance and technology, it remains that tasks will be shifted to Belgium and Great Britain.

Employers and employees had struggled for weeks over the scope of the deletions. Parts of the package that has now been negotiated had already been offered once before, but the first draft had been rejected with reference to the ongoing termination option.

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Agreement trade unions TUIfly cutting jobs


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