Aiwanger defends mask deal with company from his home country


It was a “stroke of luck for Bavaria”, announced Bavaria’s Minister of Economics and Free Voters boss Hubert Aiwanger when he visited the auto supplier Zettl in Weng near Landshut in December. The company has been producing FFP2 masks in large series since the end of the year.

Mask order to auto supplier despite offers from specialist companies

The opposition sees it differently. Aiwanger sponsored a company that is located 20 kilometers from his farm and that had previously had no expertise in the manufacture of medical masks when it set up a mask production facility. The minister supported the company with an order worth millions, writes the “SZ” under the title “Aiwangers Zettl-Wirtschaft”. Aiwanger ignored offers from specialist companies that had long been producing protective masks.

You have to consider the situation about a year ago, Aiwanger said in the B5 interview. Back then it was about being less dependent on Chinese products. The price per mask of five euros net was in line with the market at that time.

Aiwanger: “Actually deserves an award”

The company in question also succeeded in setting up automated, high-quality production within a short period of time. At first it was even a negative deal for the company, assures the head of the Free Voters. “Here the political opposition is producing a scandal where one should actually have earned an award”.

The SPD member Florian von Brunn, on the other hand, speaks of mismanagement and accuses Aiwanger of having bought “acidic masks under highly questionable circumstances”. Brunn calls for a special audit by the Supreme Audit Office.

More openings through corona rapid tests

Despite rising incidences in Bavaria as in all of Germany, the free voter boss spoke out in an interview with the BR in favor of more openings. Corona rapid tests, for example in schools and in retail, are the key to more freedom. Literally Aiwanger said: “Anyone who tested negative must be allowed in.”

Therefore, enough rapid tests should now be made available as soon as possible, said the Minister of Economic Affairs. That is always cheaper than spending on the lockdown, which costs one billion euros a day. And the taxpayer has to pay for it. “These tests would still be the cheaper solution than locking for safety’s sake,” said Aiwanger. This is currently also important for renters of holiday apartments or for the catering trade. Here you have to test openings and “if there is no other way, box through”.

Free voter boss is skeptical of the CSU transparency offensive

Aiwanger expressed skepticism about the transparency offensive of his coalition partner CSU as a reaction to the mask affair. In the proposed measures, CSU boss Söder forgot a very important element, namely the ban on corporate donations to political parties. Hundreds of thousands of euros would be transferred to the party headquarters shortly before the election campaign, which would distort competition.

The Free Voters have been demanding such a ban for ten years and have always rejected donation offers from corporations.

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Aiwanger defends mask deal company home country


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