All-clear: the situation in Covid intensive care units is currently stable in Carinthia – 5 minutes


The corona situation is worsening across Austria. The situation in the intensive care units is particularly critical in Vienna. There are currently more corona patients here than ever before. Some operations have already had to be postponed. This is also the case in other federal states. For Carinthia, however, there is currently the all-clear.

“No operations postponed yet”

“The situation is stable. So far it has not been necessary to postpone interventions, ”confirms the state press spokesman Gerd Kurath on request of 5 minutes. There are currently 17 corona patients in Carinthia’s hospitals in intensive care units (as of Saturday, March 27). The day before there were 14 patients. “In general, there are always 20 beds available for Covid patients alone. So there was still no need for action, ”said Kurath. However, the situation is constantly being evaluated.

“The situation can change within a very short time”

That also confirms Ronald Rabitsch, Chairman of the Works Council at the Klagenfurt Clinic: “Here and there small things have been postponed, but there have not yet been any acute cases. The situation is currently stable overall. ”However, Rabitsch points out that the situation could change again within a very short time. “Back in November, the situation worsened within a few weeks. So I appeal to the population to continue to adhere to all measures ”, said the chairman of the works council.

The situation in the care sector is tense

While the situation in the hospitals seems stable at the moment, the nursing staff is still reaching their limits. “In the care sector, we can feel a lot of strain again at the moment,” says Rabitsch.

184 new corona infections on Saturday

From Friday to Saturday were in Carinthia in total 184 new corona infections reported. In contrast, there are 125 recoveries. There are currently 1,593 positive corona cases in Carinthia. Two other deaths related to the coronavirus have also been reported. There have been a total of 739 corona deaths in Carinthia so far. A total of 79 corona patients are currently hospitalized, 17 of them in intensive care units.

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Allclear situation Covid intensive care units stable Carinthia minutes


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