Almost forgotten: Simplified unlocking with Face ID despite the mask


This week, Apple released the fifth beta version of iOS 14.5. This makes it clear: The release of the final version is getting closer, in all likelihood it will be ready in April. Possibly even in connection with the upcoming Apple event, which, according to the latest findings, should take place next month.

What many may no longer have directly on their screen, since the first announcement on this topic was made on February 2, almost two months ago: With iOS 14.5, Apple will offer an alternative option for Face ID to enable the iPhone to be worn while wearing it to unlock a mask.

In addition to the upcoming update, an Apple Watch is required in addition to the iPhone with Face ID. Apple’s idea is very simple:

  • Face ID detects a mask on the face
  • your own Apple Watch is in the immediate vicinity
  • the Apple Watch is worn on the wrist
  • the Apple Watch is unlocked with a PIN

Important to know: This function will have to be activated manually for security reasons. Every unlocking of the iPhone via the Apple Watch is confirmed on the same with a small notification including vibration. If you haven’t unlocked the iPhone yourself, you can lock it again with a tap of your finger on the Apple Watch.

Of course you lose a little bit of security, but you lose a lot of comfort. Personally, after about a year with a mask, it annoys me to constantly have to type in a six-digit code. Apple may provide us with the perfect solution in autumn: an iPhone with Face ID and Touch ID. The latter either under the display or, as with the iPad Air, in the standby button.

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forgotten Simplified unlocking Face mask


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