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Alternative 2-in-1 console with Android 12 planned


The Nintendo Switch is a gigantic success, which calls for imitators on the scene: Chip manufacturer Qualcomm now also wants to bring a 2-in-1 console onto the market. The device should run on the basis of Android 12. GIGA reveals the further details about the hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has only been on the market since 2017 and has sold almost 80 million times since then – a gigantic success that nobody would have predicted when the console was launched. It is hardly surprising that others now also want a piece of the cake. US chip maker Qualcomm is also working on a switch alternative.

With Android 12: Qualcomm is working on an alternative to the Nintendo Switch

The should look quite similar to the Nintendo console, as Android Police reports, and among other things attachable controller have. Qualcomm is said to have teamed up with experts who are responsible for controller design. 6.000 mAh the console is supposed to offer battery capacity, a Fast charging function is reportedly also on board. In addition, the device should have a SD card slot exhibit and like the Switch games to a big screen TV can. There is still no information about the size and resolution of the installed screen. It is also unknown which processor will work in Qualcomm’s switch alternative.

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The best accessories for the Nintendo Switch:

Price of $ 300

When Android 12 operating system is to be used, which should also run well-known Android games on the 2-in-1 console. Also from one Support for the Epic Game Store is the talk. Cloud gaming providers like Google’s Stadia or GeForce Now from Nvidia should also be supported, after all, both services offer corresponding Android apps. The price is about 300 US dollars, which one could translate 1: 1 into euros in the event of a European launch. When Release will that first quarter of 2022 targeted.

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Alternative #2in1 console Android planned


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