Amazon: attention! Fraudsters rip off customers with a nasty scam


Consumer protection is currently warning of a scam: Criminals are targeting Amazon customers’ money – for the second time this March.

  • Amazon is by far the largest mail order company on the Internet.
  • Try again and again Scammers, to the Bank account details from Amazon-Customers to arrive.
  • Amazon News: Currently the warns Consumer protection in front E-Mailsthat appear authentic at first glance.

Bad Hersfeld – Amazon customers are currently again targeting potential victims of so-called Phishing-E-Mails. The warns of this Consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia. The Scammers want to use their real-looking e-mails to access the customer’s account information.

Before this Scam warned the consumer advice center NRW last Friday (March 19, 2021). Accordingly, the senders in their e-mails with the subject “Confirmation of the reimbursement” give themselves as the mail order company Amazon out. They are probably hoping that this subject will make the customers curious and open the email. After all, it gives the impression that the online shopping giant is transferring money back.

Amazon: consumer protection warns of fake emails from scammers

Once the customer has opened the email, the design looks real and trustworthy at first glance. Then they claim Scammersthat the last order had been debited twice from the account. Due to an error in the billing information, the mail order company needs the correct one again Bank details. That is why the scammers are demanding the recipients of the E-mail click on a link to enter this information. Of course, if you click on the link, you won’t end up on the real one with this scam Amazon website, but on one side with the same design, as reported by the consumer advice center NRW.

Who is on this fake website Bank details indicates she does not send Amazon, rather Criminalswho want to empty the account with it. The consumer advice center of North Rhine-Westphalia recommends: “Don’t let yourself be misled and the Attempted fraud Move unanswered to the spam folder. ”

Fake news from Amazon: Phishing emails can unsettle customers

It is already the second warning in March that the consumer advice center NRW issued Phishing-E-Mails from Amazon– Scammers published. Already on Wednesday (March 17th, 2021) she reported a similar one Attempted fraud. These fake emails stated that the Amazon account had been deactivated due to “unusual login activity”. Again, the scammers wanted to use a link to contact the Bank account-Data is coming up.

It is unclear whether behind both Scams hide the same criminals, but Amazon customers should expect the scammers’ messages to change quickly, as well * reported.

Amazon: It’s best not to respond to fraudulent emails

But how do you react when you have such a fake but real-looking one E-mail in his mailbox? In many cases, the sender email address can be used to easily identify whether the email is from Amazon act or not. This need not be. That is why the consumer advice center in North Rhine-Westphalia recommends that unsecure Amazon customers enter the Amazon web address manually in their browser and access the real Amazonwebsite your Account details should enter. “If something is wrong with your account, you would see it there,” said the consumer advice center.

In addition, consumers can always send suspicious emails to the Consumer advice center Forward NRW to the email address [email protected]ü The control center evaluates these and then warns of new ones Scams.

A woman from the Hersfeld-Rotenburg district recently received almost 20 parcels from Amazon – without having ordered anything. She eventually filed a complaint with the police. (Sandra Bohm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Amazon attention Fraudsters rip customers nasty scam


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