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Ambras Castle near Innsbruck opens its gates this year with a new attraction. The Ambras Foyer retells the story of Ambras Castle on over 260 square meters and invites you to travel 450 years into the past.

The visitors experience the history of Ambras Castle, the founder of the collections kept there, Archduke Ferdinand II. And his incongruous wife, the “beautiful catfish woman” Philippine. The focus is on her extraordinary love story and her fascinating passions. You can discover one of the most important collectors from the Habsburg dynasty and one of the most important women in Tyrol, who is still shrouded in legend today.

Johannes Plattner

Ferdinand and Philippine are the focus of the exhibition

Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the Rennaisance

The historical vault from the 16th century establishes the substantive connection between the lower castle with the famous armory as well as the art and curiosity chamber and the high castle. It makes the people behind the castle, their lives, thoughts and actions tangible. Interactive media encourage people to understand the past in a playful way and to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the Renaissance.

People in front of video installation

Johannes Plattner

A large 180-degree projection is also part of the new attraction

New place for representative receptions

The newly designed welcome area will also enrich Innsbruck’s conference and congress system in the future: The Ambras foyer is open for representative receptions, celebrations, societies and honors. The visually interactive redesign of the former “peasant armory” below the Spanish Hall is a milestone in the direction of modernizing and digitizing the locksmith experience. The first museum in the world with the famous Ambras collections is now open again daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. after a renovation phase.

Two women and a stone in the exhibition

Johannes Plattner

The geological ground on which the castle stands is also discussed

Special exhibition on the princely wardrobe

The next special exhibition “Watching Fashion. Princely cloakroom from the 16th to the 18th century ”. For the large summer exhibition of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Innsbruck, from June 17 to October 3, 2021, an entire floor in the Hochschloss will be used as a spacious exhibition area.

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Ambras Castle attraction


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