Amira Pocher explains about fears: “I don’t want this anymore, I want to get well”


Amira Pocher also occasionally addresses personal issues in her podcast. Bild: imago images/Future Image

Amira Pocher on panic attacks: “I don’t want this anymore, I want to get well”

Amira Pocher has been married to comedian Oliver Pocher since 2019. Shortly after they said yes, their first son was born. In December, the 28-year-old became a mother again. In their joint podcast, the couple reports from time to time about special everyday moments or small mishaps that can happen in a household with children.

In her latest episode, however, Amira told of an event that was nothing to laugh about: According to her own account, she recently had a panic attack. How bad that was for them and what Oliver Pocher thinks about it, both now revealed on Audio Now.

Amira describes how she experienced a panic attack

After the two had talked about their previous vacation trips, for example to Israel or the Bahamas, the comedian suddenly said about their last travel experience: “You cry when we drive through a tunnel.” Amira said: “My panic attacks keep getting worse.” The 43-year-old then revealed how this came about as follows: “You have had panic attacks lately, that has become a trend for you. It is now almost impossible to travel. But we recently went to Switzerland with the DB Autozug and drove 15 minutes through a tunnel. “

The 28-year-old then described her experience that she had to make there: “It was like being in a cave. It was very narrow. I thought I would suffocate, I would die, now it is over. I was hot and cold. I just reflexively took the baby out and put it on to breastfeed, cried, tried to pull myself together. For me it was just as bad as the panic attack on the plane. I have to go into therapy. “ The worst thing during the panic attack is that Amira is also afraid of suffocation:

“I don’t want that anymore, I want to get well and will do the therapy”

In the meantime, the 28-year-old would panic if she entered a narrow room. “Even when we drove home and there were only mountains left and right, I sometimes got claustrophobic because I thought I was going to be crushed by the mountains”, says Amira. And further: “I don’t want that anymore, I want to get well and will do the therapy.”

Pocher agreed: “You have to be healed. The bad thing is, we did everything possible, it went from one day to the next on the plane out of nowhere.” Amira had already suffered a panic attack there.

The comedian said that hormonal changes during pregnancy were blamed for such anxiety disorders, and that the protective instinct would follow. “That is what is mentioned. Let’s see if it gets better soon and helps,” he said. Amira also very much hope so in any case.


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