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Amira Pocher undergoes medical intervention


Amira Pocher finds the supposed solution for agonizing brains

Amira Pocher (28) is known for her open and honest manner and makes no secret of her health problems. The wife of comedian Oliver Pocher (42) now reports that she has suffered from bad headaches since childhood. The 28-year-old tells in the video what the mother of two has already tried to finally put an end to her agonizing headache and what surprising treatment could finally help.

The presenter has lumbago

Even during the photo shoot for new Instagram pictures, it becomes clear that the super woman is not as physically fit as she would like to be. “When I try to pose but forget that I have lumbago,” Amira comments on her latest Insta video. But instead of complaining about the pain, the moderator takes it with humor.

Children are a test of body, soul and relationship

Lumbago is not uncommon among mothers. Baby in a sling, toddler on the hips, bag in hand – mothers carry a lot and that often affects the back or the spine. Amira, who gave birth to her second child after Christmas, can also sing a song about it. Even if the moderator duo does not reveal much about their two kids, the 28-year-old recently made a statement about the appearance of her offspring. In addition, the TV face confessed that the offspring was putting their relationship with the comedian to the test. Challenge for body, soul and relationship – and yet the most beautiful gift on earth! Amira would certainly agree.

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Amira Pocher undergoes medical intervention


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