An emergency alarm would be triggered on the SpaceX Dragon capsule anchored at the space station


“Dragon Resilience keeps the ISS crew busy.”

fire Fire

The SpaceX Crew Dragon called Resilience, which is currently docked at the International Space Station after its launch in November last year, would have only scared the bejesus of the station’s crew.

The capsule “announced false emergency reports for Fire and Rapid Depress and other erroneous reports yesterday” NASASpaceFlight Editor-in-chief Chris Bergin reported in one Thursday afternoon tweet. “The ISS crew responded to a fire and a rapid depression, but stopped as soon as stable readings were confirmed.

“Dragon Resilience keeps the ISS crew busy,” added Bergin.

“Crew Dragon Resilience and the station are both in good health after these events.” NASASpaceFlight Reporter Tyler Gray clarified on one reply on twitter.

False alarm

Bergin SeaThe ISS reported that the problem was likely a “single annoying event” on one of the Crew Dragon’s engines that caused a processor to reset “and the output of data which the ISS interpreted as a series of emergencies and indications that were about went beyond par ”. .

Neither SpaceX nor NASA have yet confirmed receipt of the report. Futurism asked both for comments.

Resilience entered orbit in November as part of the SpaceX Crew-1 flight, the US ground crew’s first operational flight to the ISS since the Space Shuttle program withdrew in 2011. The flight followed the successful docking of the first crew. The Endeavor kite capsule on the space station in May 2020 during the first test flight with crew.

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emergency alarm triggered SpaceX Dragon capsule anchored space station


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