Andreas Gabalier: Bitter news for the fans! “Already sad”


Andreas Gabalier: Bitter announcement to the fans – they are disappointed! “Already sad”

March 27, 2021 at 7:21 am

Andreas Gabalier has something to confess to his fans.
Andreas Gabalier has something to confess to his fans.
Photo: IMAGO / Joachim Sielski

Bitter news for the fans of Andreas Gabalier! What the “Volks-Rock’n’Roller” is now announcing should not please its followers at all.

Because Andreas Gabalier is not on the big festival stage in Munich in July as originally planned. Instead, he has very different plans.

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Andreas Gabalier: Bitter announcement for his fans

Makes on Instagram Andreas Gabalier the news public: His Fan Festival, which should take place on July 31, 2021 on the open-air area of ​​Messe München, will be postponed. “‼ ️NEW DATE for my FAN FESTIVAL in MUNICH‼ ️”, wrote Andreas Gabalier and posted on August 6, 2022. So over a year later!


This is Andreas Gabalier:

  • Andreas Gabalier was born in Friesach, Austria in 1984
  • He is a popular singer
  • His greatest success is the song “Hulapalu”
  • Gabalier has released a total of six albums. His last album is called “Forget Mine Not”
  • In 2019, Andreas Gabalier and his long-time friend Silvia Schneider separated
  • Andreas Gabalier was in a relationship with the journalist for six years
  • In 2020 a huge fan festival should take place in Munich
  • It has been postponed to 2021
  • Most recently, he was also on stage with Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen


Due to the corona, it is currently not possible for many musicians to give concerts in front of an audience. Helene Fischer also had to postpone her “Sound & Snow” festival in Gastein several times. So now the star from Austria too.

Andreas Gabalier: This is how his fans react to the news

His fans are disappointed with the news. They comment under the post:

  • “Then we just have to keep our anticipation a year longer … it’s sad, but the event will be all the more beautiful.”
  • “Oh Andi, I’m already sad, how do you have to be? Hopefully everything will be better next year “
  • “… the ticket for me and my daughter will be kept carefully. Let’s hope for 2022. She’ll be pretty sad when I tell her … “
  • “It’s a shame then for a new one”

His followers don’t have to worry about tickets that have already been sold. Because Andreas Gabalier adds this important information: “Of course, all tickets continue to be valid and are now available again at all known advance booking offices !!”

Well then, Andreas Gabalier’s fan base can only hope that the announced “highlight of the year” really applies to 2022.

Andreas Gabalier has not had an easy time in the past few weeks anyway. Because Jan Böhmermann worked on the Austrian in his ZDF broadcast.


More about Andreas Gabalier:


Gabalier was beating down on all sides. However, in part no wonder, the singer was also noticed with a dubious Corona statement.

Andreas Gabalier: This is how he feels about his image

Andreas Gabalier’s image is not necessarily the best. Again and again he has to be accused of excessive national pride. Now he has commented on it himself >>>

Pop colleague Maite Kelly meanwhile also has to get along with criticism. that comes from DSDS candidates. You can read what they accuse the juror here >>>

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